"How we play the game may be more important than we imagine,
for it signifies nothing less than our way of being in the world."

George Leonard, as quoted in Sustainable Play: Towards A New Games Movement for the Digital Age

Ludica is a game design/art collective devoted to developing innovative concepts that explore the potential of games to express women’s narratives, aesthetics, culture and play.

Integral to this objective is to create a female-friendly ethos that supports and encourages a range of departures from the male cultures of game-making that dominate both computer game production and contemporary game art. We are not interested in producing “games for girls,” but seek to develop games that address a diverse range of alternative audiences and contexts through inventing and promoting both new game genres and new modes of game-making.

Our modus operandi is pro-active, rather than re-active. Since we are, by definition, outsiders, we revel in our outsider status and leverage it to support our cause.

Ludica was formed in 2005 in Los Angeles by Celia Pearce, Jacki Morie, Tracy Fullerton and Janine Fron.

Our activities include:

•Creating publications that support a more balanced view of both game design and culture, and women’s contributions to computer science.

•Developing new, female-friendly work methodologies, tools and techniques for game-making.

•Creating a prolific and diverse range of innovative games, game concepts, game interventions, and commentary (through publication).

•Disseminating our projects and philosophies to the general public, the game studies community and industry, the new media arts community, and practicing and aspiring female game designers through a variety of tactics.

•Organizing events where we can share our individual work and the work of other women game artists/designers, as well as conducting workshops and brainstorming sessions to develop new work and methods collectively.

•Mentoring and encouraging young female gamers, aspiring designers and students, from K-12 through college, through workshops and participations in our projects, to develop their own unique vision for the future of game culture.


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